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Snowcem exterior paint, which is manufactured strictly according to the original formulation, has been applied worldwide to millions of square meters of surface. The range of climatic environments represented in these applications take in the extremes of hot and cold, and wet and dry conditions, in both hinterland and exposed coastal situations. There are known serviceable applications exceeding 25 years.

Snowcempaint exterior paint is available in super white and a range of colour shades, for which a colour chart is available. Small, colour samples are available on request.

Snowcempaint is a 'safe to use', non-toxic, long pot-life, white Portland cement based coating that is free of polymers and other modern additions that tend to reduce vapour permeability. Also, unlike other types of paint, which depend on surface adhesion, Snowcempaint chemically combines with the substrate. This means it does not fail by dis-bonding, peeling and flacking. Furthermore, Snowcempaints' combination of tight bonding and vapour permeability mean that the painted surface is not susceptible to water related damage cause by freeze-thaw cycles, for example.

The figure below illustrates an interesting case of failure with a modern polymer modified coating, applied to an old lime-cement-sand render. In this case, the adhesion of the new polymer coating to the render was greater than the bond between the render and the stonework beneath. Due to the limited vapour permeability of this modern coating, vapour pressure was able to build up sufficiently to force both the coating and render from the surface.


Figure: Render failure caused by paint with insufficient vapour permeability


Snowcem exterior paint is suitable for application on a wide range of surface materials including insitu and pre-cast concrete, fibre boards, cement based sheeting, sand-cement render, cement-lime-sand render, rough cast and pebbledash, concrete blocks, clinker and light weight blocks, brickwork, stonework, decorative cement and lime-wash (with Cemprover primer). The range of surface material type and acceptable condition can be extended by preparing the surface with a solution of Cemprover. Lime-wash and other friable and low strength surfaces can be substantially improved by applying Cemprover prior to Snowcempaint.


Before you commence your painting project, we suggest you put together your painting kit. Wearing a paper dust mask while adding the snowcempaint powder to water is a sensible precaution that is not needed while actually painting. Old clothes can be worn as an alternative to the suggested paper overalls. A plastic ground sheet can be useful while mixing the paint and otherwise avoiding paint falling onto good surfaces during painting (could otherwise be difficult to clean). A pair of old gloves can be worn as an alternative to the disposable gloves we offer. Cement powder has a drying effect on the skin, so we suggest you wear gloves at least while mixing the paint. I wear gloves while painting because my grip is poor at times and wearing them makes painting more comfortable.

Your complete painting kit can be purchased from Northern Paints Ltd, together with your choice of Snowcempaint:

No.1 Snowcempaint Brush Highly Recommended Y
Mixing Bucket Essential Y
Mixing paddle (use with power drill) Essential Y
Paper dust mask (wear while mixing powder) Recommended Y
Paper overall Suggested Y
Disposable gloves Suggested Y
Plastic ground sheet Suggested Y


  1. Ensure the surface is free of all weak and loose material, and contamination such as dust, dirt, moss, lichen, grease, oil, sealer and anything that could affect the coating application. (If necessary, consult Northern Paints Ltd for advice and special cleaning products.
  2. Complete all necessary repairs using materials compatible with existing.
  3. If in doubt, check surface absorbency by applying a mist water spray to representative areas of the surface to be painted, a few sq m only. Water should gradually soak-in rather than bead and run down the surface (Consult Northern Paints Ltd if this issue causes concern.
  4. Where it is not feasible to remove all paint and coatings, or the surface generally lacks absorbency (see 3 above), prime surface with Cemprover prior to commencing the Snowcempaint application.
    Use Cemprover with an equal volume of clean water and apply at approx. 3-4 sq m per ltr, working-in with stiff brush irrespective of brush or spray method of delivery to surface. Allow to dry.
  5. Where the surface is powdery or low strength such as distemper or lime-wash, treat the surface with Cemprover prior to commencing application of Snowcempaint.
    Follow Cemprover TDS Instructions for (i) bricks with sulphates, (ii) old cement paint surfaces and (iii) distemper and lime-wash surfaces.
  6. Using a clean bucket, prepare Snowcempaint by adding the powder to clean water, 1 part powder to 1 part water by weight. Mix slowly and thoroughly for 5 minutes using a paddle mixer or a paddle mounted in a hand drill. Ensure a lump free mix, taking care to include any powder from the bottom and side of the bucket. When the progress of work is slow, it may be necessary to briefly remix the paint before continuing. When doing this, do not attempt to thin by adding water.
  7. Snowcempaint is applied using a large brush, not a roller. Our handmade No.1 Snowcempaint Brush is made specifically for applying Snowcempaint. This brush is highly recommended for the application of Snowcempaint (available from Northern Paints Ltd).
    For spray applications care should be taken to choose equipment that is appropriate for cement based coatings, fitted with an appropriate size nozzle. Such equipment forces the paint to the nozzle rather than relying on suction at the gun, see Graco T-Max plaster and render sprayer, for example.
    Apply Snowcempaint in two coats, allowing the first to set dry, allowing no more than 18 hours interval between coats.
  8. In warm weather, when surface evaporation is likely to be significant, assist curing of Snowcempaint by apply a mist spray of clean water. Allow to fully harden before touching surface.
  9. Clean tools and equipment with clean water prior to Snowcempaint hardening on them.


Download technical datasheets for Snowcem and Chemprover here.




Snowcem Plus and Cemprover have been approved for use by Transport for London and London Underground.

Watch all our instruction video on how to use snowcem and the range of products we offer click here.

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