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Continuing Professional Development (CPD)



1-2 hours or 3-4 hours depending on inclusion of practical exercises with surface coatings.


The speaker, Denis A. Chamberlain FICE has decades of experience in the development and application of paint, coatings and protective finishes for a wide range of needs. This includes nine years as Managing Director of specialist coatings contracting company, completing more than 500 surface materials projects in the UK and abroad. He is activity involved in the development of new materials and supervises PhD research and teaches Master classes at Brunel University London. He is currently Technical Director at Northern Paints Ltd.

Target Attendee:

This course is intended for Facility Managers, Architects, Civil Engineers, Contractors and others working in projects that involve specification and application of paint and coatings for external decorative and protective purposes, including structural waterproofing. Their projects will be both ‘new-build’ and ‘rehabilitation’.

Session Format:

MS PowerPoint™ presentation and desk-top demonstrations of key issues concerning paint and coating materials.

Benefits for Attendees:

    • Generic level appreciation of the 1000’s of different material formulations offered by product manufacturers, including compatibility considerations.
    • Understanding of the significance of Standard Tests applied to materials in terms of their performance, as given on product Technical Data Sheets.
    • Insight into the causes of failures in surface applied materials, such as preparation and climatic conditions.
    • Understanding of practical onsite ‘quality assurance’ measures to better safe guard product performance
    • Increased confidence in specifying materials to given performance requirements.

Content Overview:

The session commences with a brief account of products produced by Northern Paints Ltd. A whistle stop tour follows on the generic nature of different product formulations, focusing on how this influences their application and performance. Physical principals of Standard Test methods are explained and their limitations and significance for material application and performance. A concise account is presented of paint and coating failures and onsite quality management measures to avoid them. Attendees are presented with a painting and coating specification task based on the session content. During the session, pre-prepared samples of paint and coating materials are circulated for examination. Longer versions of this CPD experience include demonstrates of product application and testing to Standards using hand-held instruments.

Session Assessment

Depending on the duration of the session, attendees complete a brief multiple-choice exercise that reinforces key issues covered.


CPD events are generally run at the client’s premises. Contact Northern Paints Ltd for further information.



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