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We provide UK wide delivery for Snowcem Paints products.

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Northern Paints Limited
Unit 5B, Amble Industrial Estate,
Northumberland NE65 OPE

Tel: +44 (0) 1665 494014     

Here at Northern Paints Ltd., we are proud to be the UK and European distributor of Snowcempaint, the well-known, trustworthy cement based exterior paint. We do not offer other paints because they do not even come close to the performance of Snowcempaint. Whilst we do not expect most of our DIY customers to come back to us (well at least not for 20-25 years), we are always delighted that so many of them pass on a good word. At the same time, we enjoy hearing about the different projects that our professional painter and decorator customers complete using Snowcempaint.

We firmly believe that sellers of goods, such as paint, should have in-depth knowledge of what they offer and be readily accessible by phone or email to advise on their product and its application. All of us have used Snowcempaint at our homes or elsewhere.

For both professional and occasional DIY Snowcem users we offer some carefully selected painting kit. A particular item is our handmade No.1 Snowcempaint brush, made specifically for applying Snowcempaint. Whether you choose Snowcempaint Plus-White or one of our Snowcempaint Colour tints, this brush is definitely recommended. Some projects also benefit for using Cemprover, which is used to prepare the surface prior to painting with Snowcempaint. Please contact us by phone or email for advice on your painting project.




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